By Adeyemi.

Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs believes that the United’s new signing Romelu Lukaku is the final piece to winning the Premier League title. Manchester United legend sees new signing has the key to getting all the three points they need this season in the Premier League and in other competitions rather than all the accumulated draws last season and fans believe so to.

The new signing will play to his best this new season because he knows he will be open to criticism if he fails to deliver the points Manchester United needs. The Manchester legend believes he can match up with Zlatan Ibrahimovic who scored 28 goals overall last season.

Manchester United secured the strikers move with a fee of £75million to the Old Trafford to help perfect Jose Mourinho’s plan for this season. Last season Jose Mourinho was only able to score 26 goals at the Old Trafford.

Two goals behind Hull City last season, a team that relegated last season. That is quite a disappointing feat for a team that will be representing England in the Champions League this season.

Talks on how new signing Romelu Lukau has to understanding the teams chemistry and mix with the team to fit in immediately because of the seasons plans and his transfer fee. Ryan Giggs said “The main reason Jose bought Lukaku is for goals and to turn all those draws at Old Trafford into wins,” he said. “There will be a lot of pressure and scrutiny on him but those around him also need to step up and score more.”

Manchester United still needs to work on their goal scoring despite winning the Europa League, League Cup and the Community Shield last season having a poor record of one goal away from the Old Trafford against the top teams.

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