By Adeyemi.

Today we are talking about Former Chelsea Midfielder Nemanja Matic, he failed to have an impact in his first match at the Stamford Bridge, fans and the press where having double thoughts about the performance of the player if he would be able to deliver after a signing fee of £21 million.

However, the player proved himself to be a great signing as he was a vital part in the winning of the premier league for Chelsea in the year 2014/15 and again in 2016/17, which ever coach may have been in charge of Chelsea at the time got the best out of Nemanja Matic from Jose Mourinho to Antonio Conte he has been a wonder on the pitch and has brought out his best.

Last season was a great season for the midfielder and one of his best and it is a surprise that Chelsea gave him up for sale, even if they gave him up everybody expected the sale to go to Bayern Munich or Juventus, no one expected Chelsea to sell him to Manchester United, One of the contenders of the league title. The Portuguese tactics master Jose Mourinho needed his former player and did all he could do to make sure he got his signature to bring him back to the Old Trafford, though it cost the Red Devils a transfer fee of £40 million

And as predicted by Jose Mourinho,Matic has been a great addition to the team and are now true contenders of the Premier League title this season. However, the team still lacks some of their key players who are down due to injury like Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who would be of great use if they were out of injury.

Matic has been performing well since his arrival at Manchester United and it will only favour him the more when Pogba returns, the weight of the midfield will not be on him alone, he will be able to dominate more than he is doing now and United’s midfield will only get better and stronger.

The signing of Nemanja Matic has secure a strong defensive midfield for the team and ball distribution has been taken care of, now the attacking midfielders like Pogba and Mata can be attacking more often and create more goal chances than before for the former Everton striker Romelu Lukaku and open the defence easier without thinking of who’s left behind their own lines

Nemanja Matic has a good pass accuracy and ball distribution with wide range passing, and also has the ability to burst in from the midfield, that has also filled up a part that was vacant last Premier League season.

The Serbian International played a vital role in United game against Chelsea in their 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge andhe did play with confidence, though he was playing against his former team for the first time since he left the former club in the last transfer season.

And it has given many critics and the press to believe and come to a conclusion that the United’s midfielder Nemanja Matic is this summers Premier League best signing and the notion has been hard to argue against because there are clear evidences on how the midfielder has performed in the short while he has played for Manchester United.

Some point out to say that Liverpool star Mohammed Salah is to be the best signinf but the truth is that the Liverpool striker has not made them Premier League title contenders, Nemanja Matic has done that for Manchester United this season.

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