By Adeyemi.

 Thethree days before Christmas is our epic showdown where we battle against liverpool on Friday night and we only can expect to win this rather not easy clash, all that’s left is to see what both teams would unleash on that day.

We won 1 goal to zero against West Ham last night in the league cup, in the last round there was some sort of magic going on as West Ham knocked out Tottenham Hotspur bit there was no magical play in this one as we came out victorious thanks to our one goal take home by Welbeck.

Now we are back to the premier league with a match against old rivals Liverpool, it is going to be an important win for arsenal  to triumph over old enemies.


Not so many have confidence in Arsenal at the moment as odds do not favour us in the premier league. And in the fixture there are many odds to pick from.

The match shows importance because of the return of Oxlade Chamberlain who left Arsenal for a large price who is performing well collecting man of the match award last weekend. Starting March he might collect a warm welcome or height collect some couple of boo’s from the crowd.


It is said that Olivier Giroud may be out until January due to a hamstring injury he picked up and Arsene Wenger failed to play down the hamstring injury he picked up on their win last night.


Personally I think Giroud would have been very useful this Christmas season with fixtures like West Bromwich and Crystal Palace, Chelsea and the upcoming Liverpool match.

It will be hard to predict and hard to be seen who will play and who will not play as Arsene Wenger shuffles his choices after the Cup game. With what Liverpool might be said to unleash three days before Christmas they’ll certainly all have their work cut out.

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