By Adeyemi.

Time to buy and sell players is closed to teams because this isn’t the transfer season but club managers have plans and targets.
Managers have eyes and focus on players they plan to sign for the coming transfer windows to bolster their teams whether in the attack positions, the midfield positions or defence positions.
However, today we bring you another transfer story that links English Premier League team Liverpool and Real Madrid star Dani Ceballos.
Reports in the media says that European giants are ready to let go of their player and ready to sell to Liverpool their player Dani Ceballos. Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp believes he’s finally closing in on a replacement deal for former midfielder Phillipe Coutinho.
The Liverpool manager believes Dani Ceballos will be a good replacement for Phillipe Coutinho. The team needs a maestro to play that position and he might just be the man for the job.
Phillipe Coutinho left Liverpool to Spanish side Barcelona after a £142million transfer to Spain in January, ever since then liverpool is yet to get another player to play that role and Jurgen Klopp is yet to buy any player to fit in the shoes of Coutinho. The Liverpool manager decided to wait till it’s summer before he gets his replacement and it seems Dani Ceballos is his new main target.
Media report during winter says that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp wanted the Real Madrid man Dani Ceballos but Madrid were not really open on if they wanted to let the midfielder go at that time as they proved to be reluctant during the mid season transfer window.
The reluctant behaviour has suddenly disappeared at the Santiago Bernabeu as they are willing to let go of the midfielder to Liverpool. I personally believe Dani Ceballos will also be ready to move to the English side hopefully to be a starter at Liverpool to increase his career rating.
Also reports from Spanish publication confirms what I assumed as the midfielder made it clear that wants to leave Real Madrid in search of more regular starting line up play. So also Jurgen Klopp believes Ceballos is a good midfielder to meet up the Liverpool standards and manager plan for the season.
The 21 year old midfielder used to play for Real Betis and used to play good football then he was recognised during Zinedine Zidane’s tenor and was signed into the team and then after manager to force his way into the managers starting line up this season.
However, he wants more due to poor amount starts in Madrid he only has major appearances in Cup competitions, so it’s understandable wants more starting line up action and doesn’t mind to start matches for Liverpool.
Liverpool have their talks with Real Madrid and according to media report Real Madrid has put a buy price of £25million on the talented midfielder which is a very good price in the transfer market presently and it will be a good grab if Liverpool can snatch the player before other teams do.
If the transfer works out for Jurgen Klopp and Ceballos is added to the team list, it will be another world class addition to the team and a midfield maestro will be available for Jurgen Klopp’s tactics and decision for coming season. All that’s left is to wait and see if he ends up at Liverpool this summer.

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