It was an emotional moment in the Champions League Final game and an entertaining match at that as the crowd was up filled with excitement in the Real Madrid section and a sad moment for the Liverpool fans as they crashed out in the last game of the 2018 Champions League.
The first half went well for both teams as Liverpool did their best in defending and in attack so also were the defending Champions Real Madrid on top of their game with nice play the first half but unfortunately the first half ended a goalless draw.
Real Madrid attacker Gareth Bale who came in second half of the match did the wonder for the defending champions this year again he scored a magnificent goal against Liverpool and he scored a total of two goals to seal the win for the Spanish side once again.

Real Madrid took home easy win against Liverpool as they triumphed over the English side with a 3-1 victory in the Champions League Final it was definitely not a good night for Liverpool and a night bad luck for Loris Karius in between the sticks for the Reds.
Real Madrid went out of the first half suprised as they couldn’t score a goal against Liverpool in the first half of the match after different efforts from the Spanish side but to no avail.
But they came in to the second half still b believing they can defend their title yet another season and finally in the second half, Zinedine Zidane’s men broke the deadlock and it was one painful moment that Karius will want to forget quickly.
It was a terrible mistake that could affect the career of the German International as he couldn’t release the ball successfully after a routine long ball that he was given rather he’s attempt to release was blocked and intercepted by the French striker Karim Benzema and the ball made no mistake to find its way into the net from the leg of Karim Benzema to add a goal to the score board in Real Madrid’s favour.
However, the Reds didn’t crumble after a one goal lead as they mounted pressure on the Spanish side and they responded back not to long and they brought the game back to balance and made the English fans happy.
The Real Madrid goal was not left to get cold before the retaliation as Liverpool attacker Sadio Mane bagged one in just for minutes after the goal from Karim Benzema from a beautiful laid cross as Mane made an interception on the ball and put it in around the 55th minute of the game.
The Liverpool goal brought some joy to the face of the Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp as he was spotted celebrating Mane’s goal at the sidelines with the substitutes and officials.
Not long after Real Madrid took back the possession of the match as they showed to the world why they are the defending champions with a stunner from attacker Gareth Bale to restore the lead the 64th minute of the second half in glamour as he scored the second goal with an overhead kick precisely just 2 minutes after coming in to the game from the bench for Madrid.
Liverpool began to drive in, trying to regain possession and looking for a goal to bring them back into contention for the Champions League trophy after Bale’s spectacular goal but all their hopes were shattered as the Reds goalkeeper seemed to be the wrong man to be in between the sticks for this fixture.
Loris Karius made her another horrific mistake as he couldn’t do anything to stop a long range shot from Gareth Bale as the ball slipped through his fingers and straight into the post to make it another addition to the scoreboard in favor of the defending champions.
After the third goal from Gareth Bale that made it 3-1, Liverpool men were destabilized as they weren’t able to do anything to turn the table around to their favour and Madrid were able to take home victory as they won the Champions League for the fourth time in five years as well as their third time in a roll as they won it back in 2016, 2017 and now 2018 consecutively.

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