We are now in the summer transfer season and managers are working around the clock to acquire their target this transfer window and today we have Arsenal and Manchester United working hard to acquire the signing of the 22 year old attacker Jack Grealish.

Manchester United and Arsenal are to pay the sum of £40m for the signature of Aston Villa talented forward Jack Grealish according to media report.

Aston Villa Jack Grealish has joined Villa since he was a child and has kept on progressing since then and has been a major man in the team even till now, he has been in villa his entire career and has been wonderful in recent years.

The striker was a key factor in Steve Bruces’s side in helping the team reach the Champions play-off final where they missed moving up to the Premier League after a loss at the Wembley Stadium to Fulham.

The 22 year old strikers ability has brought the attention of clubs in the upper chamber, the Premier League. Now, media reports claim Arsenal and Manchester United have shown interest in the youngster and they have identified him as a good deal for their teams.

The Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is looking for a team of qualified and capable youngsters and experienced players to compete with the Manchester City squad for next season and media reports claim that Jose Mourinho has eyes for Jack Grealish to add more chances and creativity to the Manchester United squad next season.

Also Arsenal are showing much interest in Jack Grealish as the Gunners head coach Unai Emery looks to rebuild the Arsenal team again as he plans on making the team balanced after he collected the role of manager from Arsene Wenger.

Aston Villa has seen interest from the top England teams and has released their buy out price for both teams to pay if interested. They have been given the offer of £40m for the signature of youngster. So for Manchester United or Arsenal to get the player they’ll have to put down £40m on the table this summer for Jack Grealish.

Manchester United and Arsenal will be working on driving the asking price down since his current contract is about to expire that automatically means he will drop in value, so it’s left to Aston Villa to either drop their buy price or extend their contract.

However, Jack Grealish has a bright future ahead has he has potential to be one of the best in world class football so he’ll surely be an addition to either Manchester United or Arsenal if they can have a successful deal with Aston Villa for the striker.

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